Mindfulness and Madame Chic

Just about a month ago, I published a post about mindfulness to my personal blog.

This is actually one of my favorite topics to write about there – and that’s because I’ve realized how hugely important a concept it is for me. I think about it a lot – and, thus, wind up blogging about it a fair amount.

This recent post was a good example of that. It was inspired by a section of a book, At Home With Madame Chic, that I’d stumbled into at the library.

I actually didn’t pick this book up because I was expecting to find anything pertinent to my mindfulness efforts within it. The fact that I did – and it was a very, very useful something at that – was a really nice surprise, and spurred me to write the post.


I had reason to think about that again today – both the book and the post – because that post saw a big uptick in traffic today. I realized it was because the author of the book (Jennifer Scott) actually saw my post; she linked to it from her blog.

I love when things like that happen!!! And not only because it’s exciting to see something I wrote amplified in that way (though that’s definitely fun!) But because there’s something deeply satisfying in the act of expressing appreciation for something that moved me or helped me or in some other way enriched my life – and then realizing that those thanks were actually received. It feels like the completion of a circle. I really like that!

So anyway, here’s the post, if you’d like to take a look. And I can verify that Jennifer Scott’s book, At Home with Madame Chicwas an enjoyable – and in these mindfulness areas really quite worthwhile – read, if you get a chance. 🙂


(words & image by Maggie Carlise)


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  1. The completion of a circle is a great way of putting it – especially when writing about people and their work and they themselves receive it. To think that a small seed that started in your mind, projects into words on a page, and is read by the person in question, is great! There’s a greater mental consensus at play. Hopefully I’ll get on to reading the post you’re talking about soon =)


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